Gastón Arakaki

At C7, I live in a world without limits.

That is, I feel myself exploring a world full of possibilities. I believe that with creativity and commitment any situation can be solved in a better way. It’s a matter of believing, hard-working and enjoying the path.

Challenges, creativity, curiosity, commitment, innovation, real solutions.... words I associate with Continente Siete. I have been developing myself in System Dynamics, Modelling and Simulation, firstly as student, then as professor and afterwards as business consultant. At the same time, I developed my professional career in areas like manufacturing, supply chain management, resource planning and optimization.

I have joined Continente Siete to make it become the partner of those who want to innovate in their businesses and find new approaches for complex problems. With curiosity as the engine to find new things. With commitment to bring the client results.